Books: Afternoon

We meet in the afternoon at 1:30 on the second Wednesday of each month.   Contact the Group Chair for details about location. Check Good Reads for more info on each title.  Here is our schedule for 2022-2023:


JULY    13th                                                                                        JANUARY.  11th

Endurance My Year in Space  ( NF)                                                    The Apocalypse Factory ( NF)

Scott Kelly                                                                                           Steve Olsen

Reviewer :  Pam Copeland                                                                 Reviewer: Walt Morgan

Hostess : Pam Copeland                                                                    Hostess: Susan Wacek

August  10th                                                                                        February 8th

Fresh Water for Flowers.  (F)                                                              State of Terror.  (F)

Valerie Perrin                                                                                      Louise Penny/Hilary Clinton

Hostess:  Connie Squires                                                                    Hostess:  Laurene Green

September 14th                                                                                    March 9th

The Paris Library  (F)                                                                           Finding Me.  ()NF

Janet Skeslien Charles                                                                        Viola Davis

Reviewer:   Roz Wright                                                                       Reviewer: Anne Dini

Hostess:  Roz Wright                                                                          Hostess: Anne Dini

October 12th                                                                                       April 12th

Worth of Water ( NF)                                                                          The Lincoln Highway.  ( F)

Gary White/Matt Damon                                                                   Amor Towles

Reviewer:  Chris Alesso                                                                      Reviewer:  Patty Rabada

Hostess.    Chris Alesso                                                                       Hostess:   Patty Rabada

November 9th                                                                                     May 10th

At Home:      (NF)                                                                                Book Selection Potluck

Bill Bryson                                                                                           Location TBA

Reviewer:  Karen Richardson

Hostess:      Karen Richardson

December 14th                                                                                    June 14th

Poems: Musee des Beaux Arts                                                           Book of Lost Friends.   (F)

Leader:  Chris Alesso                                                                          Lisa Windgate

Hostess:   MaryAnn & Corrie Karlsen                                                 Reviewer:  Gwen Locke

Cookie Exchange                                                                                Hostess:   Gwen Locke