Equal Pay Day

In 2021, Equal Pay Day will be March 24.  However, equal pay day is not the same for everyone.  Here are various equal pay days in 2021 from Equalpaytoday.org :

Asian Women’s Equal Pay Day: February 23

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day: August 3

Native Women’s Equal Pay Day:  September 8

Latina Equal Pay Day: October 21

Equal Pay Day was originated by the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) in 1996 as a public awareness event to illustrate the gap between men’s and women’s wages and symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.

In 2019, the most recent data available, the median pay gap between women and men was:

82% Nationally
88% California
77% California’s 15th Congressional District

Equal Pay affects more than just the weekly or monthly paycheck. It impacts the amount of pension , 401K contributions and the ultimate amount of Social Security benefit upon retirement. Because young women earn less from the start, it takes longer for them to pay off their student debts and thus impacts their ability to buy homes or make other large purchases. The above statistics are even more stark for women of color.

Read AAUW’s entire report (updated annually): The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap.

Be sure to Wear RED on Equal Pay Day to symbolize how far women and minorities are “in the red” with their pay!