Board Meetings and Information

LPD-AAUW’s priority goals for 2018/19 center around programming, evaluation, and communication.  They are to:

Increase access to education for women in Livermore-Pleasanton-Dublin through our on-going programs (Tech Trek, STEAM Divas, Planning for College, local scholarship). Collect baseline data to determine participation, which will allow for measuring both those reached and increased use in future years.

Develop and implement a process for gathering metrics for branch events/activities so that we can determine results (what we have achieved). Use this process to collect baseline data during 2018-19.

Investigate online systems for sharing and archiving branch information so that it can be accessed by current and future AAUW-LPD board members. Choose a system to implement for a 3-month trial period to determine its effectiveness, as measured by survey of board members’ use.

Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month.  See the Grapevine for details.