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Our branch has a long history of supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) projects.  In the 1980s we were one of the first branches in the nation to organize a local Expanding Your Horizons Math-Science Conference .  We remain as co-sponsors with LLNL of this program for 6th -9th grade girls in the Tri-Valley. We were among the first branches to send a camper to the Tech Trek camp for girls when it began in 1998 as a project of AAUW of California, and have sent campers annually each year.  The Planning for College program offers sessions for young women in 11th grade.  For more information on any of these programs contact Anita Massey, AAUW-LPD STEM Director. The planning committees for each of these events welcomes new members, and the level of engagement for most committee volunteers is minimal (1-2 hours/month).

STEM EDUCATION opportunity this summer!  AAUW is introducing a brand new program created exclusively for girls in grades 9 through 12 — with a particular focus on girls of color — and for the parents, guardians and caregivers who support their dreams and aspirations. Click here to learn more and register for the six weekly sessions.

STEM RESOURCE: Faces of STEM – from STEM Rising sponsored by the Department of Energy.  Faces of STEM is a YouTube series that will be rolling out soon with short videos of DOE’s STEM professionals from their homes, explaining their jobs, backgrounds, career inspiration, tips for others, as well as sharing their Twitter account.  For more information and to subscribe to the YouTube series visit the DOE Faces of Stem site.